We believe that God has given two offices to the Church – the office of Pastor and the office of Deacon.

Pastors are called by God to lead, nourish, encourage, watch over and protect God’s people in the local church. A faithful pastor recognizes that he is not the Shepherd of the church, but rather, the undershepherd, who guards the flock under the Chief Shepherd’s watchful eye (Acts 20:28). God has entrusted pastors with the authority and responsibility of leading the flock. The pastor’s goal is not to please the sheep, but to feed them – not to tickle their ears, but to nourish their souls. Like lost sheep, lost people need a rescuer – a Shepherd – to lead them to the safety of the fold. A pastor does that by pointing the lost toward Jesus, the Good Shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep (John 10:11).

We are presently blessed with Pastor Michael Wilhite, pictured here with his wife, Bethany and daughter, Abigail. Prior to coming to New Hope, Michael served as the Administrator for White River Baptist Association from 2009-2012, and as pastor of Limestone Baptist Church in Bedford, Indiana from 2007-2009. Michael is an alumni of Indiana University in Bloomington, holding the Bachelor of Arts degree and is currently working to finish a Master of Divinity.

Deacons are called by God to serve the church and assist the pastor with tending to the needs of the flock, so that the pastor can devote himself to the ministry of prayer and the Word (Acts 6:4).

We are currently blessed with four wonderful deacons: Lester Stepro, Jeff Hall, Winfield Thomas and Jim Magill.