What Can I Expect?

If you would like to know more about New Hope Baptist Church, feel free to look around this website and learn as much about us as you can. Then, once you’ve discovered all you can here, join us some Sunday morning and let us embrace you with our warm fellowship.

At New Hope, you can expect to find several things when you join us regularly for fellowship.

Real Relationships
Connecting in a real and meaningful way with others is vital to having a meaningful life. You can go through life without finding meaningful relationships, but that is like you are only trying to survive life. At New Hope, we provide an opportunity to develop meaningful, lasting relationships with others in our community of faith. We believe that good friendships are important to the life of any church.

Relevant Truths
Finding relevant truth in today’s day and age is very hard to do. At New Hope, we provide solid teaching that centers on how to put the Word of God into practice in our daily living. We provide teaching through verse-by-verse, expository preaching each Sunday morning and evening and have Bible studies most every Wednesday night.

What Can I Expect If I Visit New Hope?
When you come to New Hope, you can expect to find a warm, friendly and caring group of people that will accept you for who you really are. We don’t expect you to be perfect because Heaven knows we aren’t! We don’t expect you to have all of your life in neat, perfect order. Few of us ever do. We just want to show Christ’s love to all who come through our doors. Won’t you come join us this Sunday? We’d love to meet you! You don’t have to dress up! Come just as you are, blue jeans and all. As we’ve said before, the only thing missing in our ch..rch is U!

Our Worship Center:

If you would like to know more information about our church or if you would like a personal visit from Pastor Michael, use the contact portion of this website to reach us and we will get back with you very soon!